The band started with the three Stef Loy (American), Bo H and Mangus Sjolander (both Swedish), in Perry and Poor Boys, which released the album ‘No Fear in Love’. World Tour The band found themselves in Sweden. They started adding members, including Sooi Groeneveld van der Laan (Dutch) as a singer.

The launch of “She Walks Alone With Me” was released last year. 1994 “Black Lips Saturday” is their biggest hit. The band was successful in Europe and was released by the British music label. However, they encounter obstacles from the American market and can not book performances due to the variety of countries they live in.

Their second attempt was made by Armand John Petri to create a friendly American pop. According to Frank Lloyd, “Armand … thought we ought to be set.” He helped me learn how to write pop songs. “” He robbed the song and we had to re-create it. ” This effort was successful as well. They eventually signed with Gray Dot Records in Atlanta, releasing Weeds. We grew up in 1998.

Do not keep treasures in the land, where there are butterflies and rust, and steal thieves.
But the treasure is in heaven, where the moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not come to steal. ”
Matthew 6: 19-20
The band re-released their third album, Moth & Rust, According to the band, this song became a lyrical song rather than a music survey. Composer Stef Loy said, “Previous CDs have been a treat for many songwriters or music lovers. I have a message. Listen to what to think “The name of the album and its main text was taken from Matthew 6: 19-20. This album is intended for philosophical and spiritual purposes, such as moral and perfection reduction and concealment of American dreams.