There are several formats developed for recording video in optical discs before DVD. Optical recording technology was invented by David Paul Gregg and James Russell in 1958 and patented. For the first time in years, In 1961, a disc format for consumer lighting known as LaserDisc was developed in the United States, and was first marketed in Atlanta, Georgia this year. Consumers and discs are a plus. LaserDisc is located in North America and Europe in general and is not widely used in Japan and Southeast Asia.

OED says that, In 1995, the company said that the official name of the format would be DVD. Toshiba used the name ‘digital video disc’ but changed it to ‘digital versatile disc’ after the computer company complained of quitting the program.

DVD is an optical digital disc format, which was founded by Philips and Sony. 1995 The media can store any type of digital information and is widely used for software, including other computer files larger than large discs. When there are similarities

Movie distributors and home entertainment use DVD formats to replace VHS tapes that are prevalent in the form of digital video releases for major consumers. [16] They bring DVDs for excellent visuals and interactive sound proof laserdiscs. It is desirable for consumers when the price of LaserDisc drops from about $ 100 to $ 20 per sheet. At the same time, the movie studio decided to change the format of home entertainment by renting and selling DVDs.