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Guess started in 1981 as a style book by Georges Marciano. Maurice’s brother George was the first Georges wanted to help in product development. Armand and Paul are also Georges’s brothers responsible for distributing and advertising, respectively. Armand ran the distribution. Paul created all the commercials in the house. Georges designed the signature style of the signature garment: stonewashed denim, soft colors, and other styles that were more suitable than the competition. The first order of this order led to a division between the brothers and sisters. Georges, who sold Guess to other brethren earlier, due to his disagreement over the choice of distribution strategy. Georges wanted Guess in a special store. The remaining brethren in this conflict needed a bigger distribution in KMart. Georges hated the idea of ​​camps happening within the company, each of whom pledged allegiance to Georges or three others. Eventually, Georges He sold and sold the shares to his brothers in the year. In 1993, with $ 214.2 million in financing, they had to borrow $ 210 million and $ 105 million, remaining three years later. In order to raise money, the brothers decided to guess the public. Paul was the only remaining brother to eventually lead to speculation on his own.

When Georges Marciano and his brothers were younger they opened a shop in France under the name MGA before launching Guess in the US in 1981, after Georges Marciano first traveled to America in 1977 with the highest sales. Unisex jeans Georges Marciano and his brothers moved to Los Angeles to see if they could pull a similar feat. Borrowing Georges with a stain, noticed a pair of jeans. Italian left in the washing machine, he noted. (At that time, jeans models were only sold in indigo. Blue or bleached)

Founder Georges Marciano and his brothers moved to Los Angeles in 1981 and opened their first store in the prestigious Beverly Hills neighborhood. Arman and Paul, along with George and his brother Georges in California, came up with the company name. After driving through the McDonald’s badge panel, asked drivers to “guess” which restaurant has the largest cheeseburger. Maurice Marciano said, “Georges came home and said. ‘I thought I found our name Guess’. ”

Maurice Marciano threw his thoughts to anger, and eventually his brother, Georges, clarified himself, guessing his birth name.

Guessing with red triangular patches, stonewashed denim and late sixties, sign up each ankle officially launched in late 1981, in just one year. Sales through Bloomingdale and Guess of Beverly Hills kept a hit of $ 6 million. [Citation needed], and in 1985 introduced some black and white commercials.The ads received numerous awards from the Clio Awards. Models Claudia Schiffer, Anna Nicole Smith, Eva Herzigova, Valeria Mazza, Kate Upton, Julia Lescova and Laetitia Casta was very successful. These ad campaigns