Automotive industry is a wide range of companies and organizations involved in the design, development, production, marketing and sales of motor vehicles. Some of the so-called automakers are one of the most important economic sectors in the world by revenue. The automotive industry does not include industries devoted to vehicle maintenance after delivery to end users such as auto repair shops and engine refueling stations.

The word motor is made up of Greek motives (self) and Latin motivus (of motion) to represent any form of self-propelled vehicle. This term is proposed by Elmer Perry.

Safety is a state that is meant to be protected from the risks, hazards, damage or causes of injury. In the automotive industry, safety means that users, operators or manufacturers are not exposed to the risk or hazard of the vehicle or spare parts. Car safety means no risk of damage.

Safety in the automotive industry is very important and has great control. Cars and other vehicles must comply with norms and regulations, whether local or international, to be acceptable in the marketplace. ISO 26262 is one of the best practices in achieving safety. Work of automotive.

In case of safety problems, hazards, product defects, or faulty procedures during the manufacture of the vehicle, the manufacturer may return a batch or all production. This process is called product recall. Product recall occurs in all industries and involves the production or generation of raw materials.

Product testing and implementation and validation at various stages of the value chain are made to avoid reminiscing these products by ensuring end-user safety and safety and compliance with the requirements of the vehicle industry. Motorcycle However, the automotive industry is still concerned about product recall, which has had a significant financial impact.