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This is the first game I’ve played where time gets away from me. I am usually aware of how much time I have spent in a game…until now.
The game is so diverting and entertaining that I truly lost track of time.
The controls take some customizing, but that is something that everyone will need to work out for their own best setup. The targeting is much like TES(the elder scrolls)-a floating hitbox in the center of the screen: if an object is in the the box, you will hit it.
The game design is lush and colorful; there are so many quests that even after leveling 4 characters to max level, I still haven’t come close to completing them all. EnMasse is focusing on streamlining early gameplay sequences so that they can expand exponentially the endgame experiences (which they are in the process of doing as I write this).
At endgame, there is quite a lot to do, but it can be repetitive EXCEPT for the new cross worlds battleground with auto leveling so everyone is equally prepared to fight. That BG is a lot of fun. They are ironing out the problems that come with a new deployment of content, but seem to be quickly moving to streamline the battleground, too.
I love the game, am giving it 5 stars, and going back out to amazon to buy another copy for a 2nd account…happy gaming

I downloaded this a while back and didn’t get around to playing until recently. I play lot of F2P games and pretty much try all the latest titles (Firefall, Neverwinter, Warframe, Rift, The Old Republic, Planetside, etc) so I don’t have any one favorite genre. I either like playing a game or I get bored pretty quickly and move on. TERA is an interesting title…the initial onboarding isn’t as good or engaging as something like Neverwinter but once you get through the early levels, the game gets really fun. TERA also doesn’t have the rich storytelling of something like the Old Republic but the combat is SO much better than most games that I don’t really mind. There is a rich lore to TERA that I’m sure plenty of people are into but I really just like the playing the game.
The graphics are awesome and the world design is quite diverse. There is also a ton of variety in monsters and massive sub-boss and boss fights that are tough but fair once you know how to use your skills.
TERA is a pretty big game to download but worth it IMO. Its also one of the few free to play games I’ve spent real money on (had an old gift card and impulse purchased on Amazon). In short, no game is perfect and TERA has its flaws but I’m having more fun with TERA than many of the newer free to play games on the market.

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